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Russell City Council Approves Purchase of Used Ladder Fire Truck

Sorry, you have not enough rights to view this image.The Russell City Council approved the purchase of a used ladder fire truck Tuesday evening at a special meeting.

Inspection of the Russell City Fire Department's current ladder fire truck at the beginning of the year found severe frame rusting and due to safety concerns, it was immediately taken out of service.

Fire Chief Shane Preston has spent the last few months trying to locate a temporary replacement, one that will serve the city for five to seven years and allow time to acquire funding for the purchase of a new, custom ladder truck. After striking out a couple times, Preston found a 100-foot ladder fire truck in California for $200,000 from Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus.

City Manager Jon Quinday...

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The truck also comes with a five-year warranty, but is still in use and won't be available to Russell until late fall or early winter.

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Also Tuesday at the special meeting, the Council voted to apply for a Community Development Block Grant from the Kansas Department of Commerce to fund a rebuilding and updating of the city's tennis courts.

The project is estimated to cost just under $400,000. If successful in the grant application, the city could receive a maximum of $350,000 and would only pay a little under $50,000.

Following the special meeting, the Council met for its monthly work study.

A general review of the city's finances led off the session as the 2016 budget season nears.

Several budgeted equipment purchases were also discussed; including two new front deck mowers, a solar mixer for the wastewater lagoons and an electric distribution bucket truck. The Council will consider action on those proposed purchases in two weeks at its regular monthly meeting.

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