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Russell County Commissioners Consolidate Polling Places

Russell County Commissioners 10-19-15The Russell County Commissioners voted Monday to consolidate the county's polling places from 12 to seven for future elections.

Commissioner Alan Kuntzsch says the Commissioners have been talking about this for the past year due to rising costs of voting machines and difficulty of finding volunteers to serve at the polling places on election days.

Kuntzsch explains the changes in the City of Russell.

And the rural areas of the county...

Also Monday, members of the Dorrance Fire Department addressed the Commissioners with concerns about department bylaws regarding training, attendance of meetings and personnel issues. Following heated discussion between those members of the Dorrance Fire Department and Fire Chief Ron Major, and several executive sessions, Major submitted his immediate retirement to the Commissioners.

And also at the meeting, the Commissioners approved a couple amendments to the budget based on year-end transfers and a bid for bridge deck repairs that had been tabled two weeks ago.

CLICK HERE for the December 5 meeting minutes.

CLICK HERE for the December 19 meeting minutes.

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