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Waymaster Introduces Bill to Encourage Rural Job Growth

Troy Waymaster - LurayRepresentative Troy Waymaster, R-Bunker Hill, introduced legislation last week in Topeka aimed at boosting rural job growth in Kansas.

The Ad Astra Rural Jobs Act, or House Bill 2168, creates assistance and incentives for businesses to expand or relocate to an area of Kansas defined as a rural area with a city population of 60,000 or less. The incentives include tax credits and loans.

Representative Waymaster says he has been working on this bill for months and has gained the support of many of his colleagues, both urban and rural, the Department of Commerce, and local Economic Development directors.

He says this legislation partners well with the existing Rural Opportunity Zones (ROZ) and it incentivizes businesses to hopefully create jobs in rural Kansas as ROZ incentivizes those to move back.

Waymaster says he got the idea from a program in Missouri.

The bill was introducted January 25 and referred to the House Committee on Commerce, Labor and Economic Development on January 26.

Co-sponsors of the Ad Astra Rural Jobs Act are Republican Representatives J.R. Claeys of Salina, Susan Concannon of Beloit, Erin Davis of Olathe and Kyle Hoffman of Coldwater.

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