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Kansas Road Conditions

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Rainfall Reports

Reports for Thursday, April 24, 2014



KRSL Studios


Russell Airport


Bill Murphy, Covert

No Report

Tim Maier, 4 miles E of Galatia

No Report

Ronny Letsch, Luray


Lance Waymaster, 7.5 miles S of Bunker Hill


Eric Haberer, 11 miles NW of Russell

No Report

Dustin Finkenbinder, Waldo


Cory Killian, 12 Miles South of Russell

No Report

Terry/Leah Maupin, Fossil Lake S of Russell

No Report

Blaine Maier, 7 miles S of Russell


Bob Schmitt Farm, South of Gorham


Karla Kingsbury, 8 miles South of Dorrance

No Report

Carolyn Schultz, 7 miles NW of Lucas

No Report

Leslie Betts, 4 miles SW of Dorrance

No Report

Wayne Funk, 3 miles West of Milberger

No Report

Leonard Steinle, 4 South of Bunker Hill

No Report

Merl Ney, 9 Miles South of Russell


Larry Pasek, Dorrance

No Report

Keith Haberer, 8 miles NW of Russell

No Report

Malcolm Shaw, Wilson


Gary Kilian, 6 miles North of Russell on Hwy 281 .71

John Stannard, South of Russell

No Report

Carl Larson, half mile NW of Russell Airport

No Report

Steve Reinhardt, 11 SW of Russell


Keith Butler, 2 Miles S of Russell

No Report

Maupin Farm, Paradise .50
Jerry & Ramona Brown, 3 Miles SE of Bunker Hill .50
Broncos on KRSL
Russell, KS weather