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Area Students Accept Technology Education Sponsorship, Sign On for Careers at Nex-Tech

Technology Education Sponsorship Program Recipients
Technology Education Sponsorship Program Recipients

On March 25, Nex-Tech hosted a signing day to recognize three area students who were recipients of the Technology Education Sponsorship Program, a partnership between Nex-Tech and North Central Kansas Technical College, and also signed on for future careers at Nex-Tech.

The Technology Education Sponsorship Program covers the full cost of tuition and books for selected students pursuing an education in telecommunications and network technology or information technology at NCK Tech and includes an internship at Nex-Tech. Upon successful completion of the program, students will be formally employed at Nex-Tech.

Recipients of the prestigious sponsorship include Caden Sutter, son of Stacey and Nathan Sutter, from Kansas Connections Academy and Russell, Gannon Winter, son of Victor and Joan Winter, from Ellis High School in Ellis, and Cale Younger, son of Jennifer and Aaron Younger, from Ellis High School in Ellis. The telecommunications and network technology curriculum will be taught by Kevin Karlin, a former Nex-Tech employee.

"Hiring technical skills in western Kansas has become increasingly difficult. In 2021, Nex-Tech conducted a workforce study and we realized that replenishing our technical workforce was a strategic focus for the long-term success of the company. We met with NCK Tech and they were willing to partner with us to resurrect and relocate their telecommunications program to their Hays campus and utilize the Nex-Tech lab in Victoria. The concept gained momentum when three other Kansas companies (Nex-Tech Wireless, GBT and TCT) also decided to partner with NCK Tech with sponsorships and scholarships," said Mike Pollock, Nex-Tech Chief Operating Officer.

Corey Isbell, Ed.D, VP of Student and Instructional Services at NCK Tech added, "This partnership is a testimony to the power of collaboration between two institutions. Our charge was to create a pathway to the workforce in the field of telecommunications. With Nex-Tech's donation of facility space, financial support for students and tremendous expertise in these areas, we have created a direct pathway to a rewarding career for these students."

The three sponsorship recipients were optimistic about the opportunity and have their sights set on a bright future. "This is the next big step in my life. I have practiced programming and building computers for years, and this program will fill the gap of networking skills," shared Caden Sutter. Cale Younger spoke to what the sponsorship meant to him, "This will grant me the ability to focus on my studies and not deal with the financial stress that comes with college." Gannon Winter added, "I am excited to start a career, learn new things along the way and work for Nex-Tech in the future."

Students interested in the Technology Education Sponsorship Program next year will need to apply for a qualified program with NCK Tech at www.ncktc.edu and will also need to complete the Nex-Tech Sponsorship Program application, found on the Nex-Tech Website. For more information, students should reach out to NCK Tech at 1-888-567-4297 or visit their website.

(Information and photo courtesy Nex-Tech. Pictured from left to right, back to front: Jimmy Todd, Nex-Tech CEO and General Manager, Eric Burks, President of NCK Tech and sponsorship recipients Gannon Winter, Cale Younger and Caden Sutter.)