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KDA Announces Resilient Food Systems Infrastructure Program Grant Opportunities

Kansas Department of Agriculture
Kansas Department of Agriculture

The Kansas Department of Agriculture is now accepting grant applications for the Resilient Food Systems Infrastructure program.

Nearly $6.46 million was awarded to the agency through a cooperative agreement with the US Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Marketing Service for this program.

The purpose of the RFSI program is to build resilience in the middle of the food supply chain by awarding competitive grants for projects to expand capacity and infrastructure for the aggregation, processing, manufacturing, storing, transporting, wholesaling or distribution of targeted local and regional agricultural products. This program is intended to support food system crops and products meant for human consumption excluding meat and poultry products, which are funded through other USDA programs.

Grants will be awarded to Kansas food and farm businesses and other eligible entities, including nonprofit organizations, local government entities, Tribal governments and institutions such as schools and hospitals.

Two grant types will be offered through the RFSI program. Infrastructure Grants will range in value from a minimum award of $100,000 and a maximum award of $3,000,000. Simplified Equipment-Only Grants will range in value from a minimum award of $10,000 and a maximum award of $100,000. Infrastructure Grant recipients are required to contribute 50 percent of the total proposed project cost as a match to federal funding. This applies to all applicants except those who qualify for the reduced match of 25 percent. Simplified Equipment-Only Grants do not require cost sharing or matching.

Applications will be evaluated through a competitive review process in cooperation with the USDA–AMS. Applications will be ranked based on their project's need, proposed outcomes and feasibility as well as the impact they will have on the local food supply chain and their communities. KDA encourages projects that benefit underserved farmers and ranchers, new and beginning farmers and ranchers, veteran producers, and processors and other middle-of-the-supply-chain businesses owned by socially disadvantaged individuals.

Applications are due to KDA no later than 5 PM on January 31, 2024. For more information, please download and carefully read the Request for Applications from the KDA website at

The vision of the Kansas Department of Agriculture is to provide an ideal environment for long-term, sustainable agricultural prosperity and statewide economic growth. The agency will achieve this by advocating for sectors at all levels and providing industry outreach.

(Information courtesy KDA.)