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Russell County Receives Funding to Improve Water Infrastructure

US Department of Agriculture
US Department of Agriculture

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has announced it is investing a total of $7.79 million to improve existing water system infrastructure in Russell County.

“These investments are vital to the long-term prosperity of our rural communities,” said US Congressman Roger Marshall, M.D. “I am committed to ensuring all Kansas communities, no matter their size or location, have access to resources and funding to meet the needs of their residents and ensure long-term prosperity.”

The grant and low-interest loan from the USDA will be used to replace existing water mains and improve the system hydraulics, allowing the system to operate off one centralized storage tank and one standpipe. Originally constructed more than 45 years ago, the county’s current water infrastructure is prone to leaks and breaks. Several standpipes of the water storage structures are too small in diameter, providing very little usable storage and experiencing freezing and foundation issues.

(Information courtesy Congressman Roger Marshall.)