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City of Russell Celebrates National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week

Thank You Dispatchers
Thank You Dispatchers

This week, the City of Russell proudly recognizes National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week, honoring the unsung heroes of the emergency response system - 911 dispatchers.

Mayor Jim Cross signed a proclamation declaring April 14 through 20 as Public Safety Telecommunicators Week. These dedicated professionals are the calm voices guiding citizens through storms of uncertainty every day.

Every second counts in an emergency. Nationally, the poise, composure and readiness of over 100,000 public safety telecommunicators are crucial in navigating these life-or-death moments. They help coordinate emergency responses that save countless lives, supporting more than 240 million callers annually.

"911 dispatchers are the unseen yet vital link in our emergency services," said Russell City Manager Jon Quinday. "They are the first, first responders. Their dedication and commitment to public safety are unwavering, and it is our honor to celebrate and recognize their hard work and resilience."

This week, Emergency Communications Centers nationwide engage in various activities to appreciate these key personnel. Celebrations range from elaborate events with elected officials to intimate in-house gatherings, door decorations, prize giveaways, goodie bags and out-of-uniform days. However, it is also a poignant reminder that some telecommunicators may go unrecognized.

The City of Russell encourages everyone to acknowledge these professionals' remarkable work.

"We challenge neighboring agencies and the community to ensure every dispatcher receives the recognition they deserve," Quinday added. "A simple act of kindness, whether a card, a phone call or a social media shoutout, can make a significant difference."

The City of Russell extends its deepest gratitude to all dispatchers for their professionalism, integrity, dedication and excellent service, not just this week but every day.

"You are truly the heroes behind the scenes, the golden link between the blue and red, always heard, though rarely seen," Quinday concluded.

Let us all believe in and celebrate the vital work of our public safety telecommunicators - because they matter, their work matters and the lives they save matter.

(Information and graphic courtesy City of Russell.)