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Keynote Speaker Scheduled for Rural and Remote Summit

Rural and Remote
Rural and Remote

Rural and Remote Director Kade Wilcox has confirmed the keynote speaker for a Rural and Remote Summit: The Future of Work.

Paul Hill is an Extension Professor for Utah State University where he leads economic development educational programs in rural counties through the Rural Online Initiative program that he founded in 2018. He is a past recipient of the Utah Governor's Medal for Science Technology, as well as 25 other state and national awards for his innovative programs, impacts, research and publications. Hill and his team are currently implementing a remote work education program and have real world experience of how remote work has impacted rural communities in Utah and other states.

This free event is open to anyone interested in how remote working is impacting rural communities in the northwest region of Kansas. The summit will be in Hays on September 23, 2021 from 9 AM to 3 PM.

"Our target audience for the summit includes community leaders, employers and individuals that are curious if remote work may be a good fit for them. We will have breakout sessions available for those wanting to participate in our program, and those wanting to bring Rural and Remote to their community," said Gretchin Staples, Regional Program Coordinator.

Rural and Remote is an initiative of the Northwest Kansas Economic Innovation Center and was started in the spring of 2019. For over two years, Rural and Remote has helped train and connect northwest Kansas residents to remote job opportunities with customized skills training and job placement support.

Melissa Rickford, a Rawlins County resident, contacted Rural and Remote through ruralandremote.org and enrolled in the January 2021 Remote Work Certification course.

"It has seriously changed my entire life," she said from the comfort of her home office on a sunny afternoon. "The company I work for makes me feel good about what I'm doing every day and it is challenging work with so much room for growth. Through Rural and Remote, you get the training and you gain that collaboration with the right connections," she said. "You have to do the work, but they help open the doors to opportunities. Your career is not based on your location. It's based on your skill. With the right connections and pathways, you can achieve your greatest career goals."

You can read more of Melissa's story at blog.ruralandremote.org.

(Information courtesy Rural and Remote.)