Senator Moran Visits Russell to Announce $13.5 Million for Downtown Revitalization, Communications Network

Russell Mayor Jim Cross, US Senator Jerry Moran and Russell City Manager Jon Quinday.
Russell Mayor Jim Cross, US Senator Jerry Moran and Russell City Manager Jon Quinday.

US Senator Jerry Moran visited Russell Monday to announce $13.5 million in congressionally directed spending for the Russell Police Department to update the communications network and the City of Russell to revitalize the downtown district.

The Russell Police Department received $259,000 from the fiscal year 2023 appropriations package to update the city public safety communications network. The City of Russell received $13.3 million from the fiscal year 2023 appropriations package for a downtown revitalization project.

According to Russell City Manager Jon Quinday, the downtown project name is Paving the Way to a Sustainable Future: The City of Russell's Transportation Reconstruction Plan. The project includes Main Street from 9th Street to Wichita Avenue and one block east and west from 9th to 5th Street. The City requested $13,501,115 in congressionally directed spending for this project.

The project aims to revitalize the downtown district for economic growth and address safety issues for vehicle traffic and pedestrians said Quinday. The bricks on Main Street are over 90 years old, traffic has gotten heavier over 90 years and replacing waterlines has left subsurface settling, leaving dips and uneven surfaces. Main Street is 68 feet across. The plan widens the sidewalks by one foot and adds curb extensions at each intersection, creating shorter distances for pedestrians to cross the street. The plan updates on-street parking to meet current standards, restriping the parking stalls for precise parking and clearer lines of site between parked vehicles, traveling vehicles and pedestrians.

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"Our downtown is the heart of the community and includes multiple businesses, services and critical destinations for our community. The reconstruction of Main Street improves access and connectivity by providing an efficient and reliable means of transportation and increasing the availability of safe and accessible parking options for all," said Quinday.

The $13.5 million project aligns with the City's comprehensive development plan, which included many stakeholders and months of work and collaboration with community members and businesses to address the community's needs said Quinday. During the planning process for this project, the City of Russell held several public forums to obtain input from community members, businesses, non-profits and other organizations. Many of the suggestions from these public forums are incorporated into the plan.

"Senator Moran's announcement results from years of planning, collaboration, advocacy and persistence of staff led by the City Council to address the community's needs. The $13.3 million for the downtown revitalization project and the $259,000 for police and fire radios are huge wins for the community that will pay dividends for many years," said Quinday.


(Information courtesy City of Russell and Senator Moran's Office.)

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